Monday, July 20, 2009

Tall Ships Halifax July 2009

I went down to Halifax to visit my cousin Grace fro the weekend and see the tall ships, around 60 of them in Halifax Harbour for a four day festival. He ship in this photo is Russian and 319 feet long, by far the largest ship in the group, nothing else even came close.

Unfortunately my two days in Halifax were not blessed with great weather Friday was cloudy and cool and Saturday was heavy fog and rain. I think the fog made great conditions for photos of the ships and the rigging though, it gives them a real feeling of the sea. I had to come back home on Sunday and it cleared in the afternoon and Monday for the Parade of Sail when they leave the harbour for the start of their race across the Atlantic it is a beautiful clear sunny day, so I hope to watch that on TV.

Follow this link to my Tall Ships Photos.

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