Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yesterday morning we drove to the medieval city of Carcassonne and explored the town, very much a tourist attraction and even fairly busy this time of year, of course it was a Saturday so I suppose it could have been a lot of local families out for a day trip. The site is a restoration so it doesn't have the same atmosphere as the other ruins have. It's more like being there shortly after the construction finished , everything is in such good condition.

After another great picnic lunch we drove back down to the sea, this time to Collioures close to the Spanish border.

Colors in Collioures

Another beautiful little seaside village maybe a bit more touristy than Sete which seemed to be more of a working town with lots of large fishing boats and a commercial shipping dock.

We were sitting at a sea side cafe having coffee in the sunshine when a band struck up and I turned around to see a donkey cart carrying a very tall and large red faced figure which was covered in little bags of sweets. This was being followed by the band all in crazy costumes and a large group of children all in costume as if it were Halloween. Some sort of childrens festival, I'm not sure what perhaps a pre-lent celebration.


These aren't my photos but I've taken some like this last one. All over the town they have these heavy metal frames on posts with steps going up to the overlooking a nice view. You take your photo through them and it looks like a framed picture.

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