Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me at the Port de Saint Jacques

Not sure why I look short and square but this is me crossing the Port de Saint Jacque herer in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port earlier this afternoon. It looks like this is as far as I will be walking. I called Le Puy this morning and got the sad news that there is still too much snow in that area for the walking to be safe. The lady said that some young people are doing it but I don't think I fit in that catagory. Not sure what I will do with the next 11 days before I got to Paris, but stay tuned and I will let you know.

I stayed in a wonderful Gite in Ostabat last night it is run by a retired Basque couple and from the time I arrived I had the feeling that I knew the man. At one point during dinner he looked at me and said are you singing, I guess I must have been humming which I have a tendenancy to do. I said no anf believe me you don't want lme to sing. At that point the last piece of the puzzle fell into place; I said I don't sing but you do don't you and you are on youtube singing Ultreia, he smiled and said yest that is me. It is one of my favorite youtube videos; have a look

He agreed to sing for me so I ran to my room and got my flip camcorder:

Crossing the Port de Saint Jacques

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