Saturday, April 3, 2010

Arras and Vimy and maybe Brussels

I'm in Arras only a 10 train ride to Vimy Ridge this morning, had to stay here because there isn't a hotel in Vimy. Arras is a very lovely little city but the building style really surprised me and I don't know the history behind it. If you had brought me here blindfolded I would hzve never thought I was still in France, Holland, Belguim maybe:

Took the early è AM train to Vimy this morning and was surprised to discover that I had an hour and a half walk in the rain to the monument, but it was well worth the effort, such a special place:

I have a lot of still photos but once again the computers won't let me upload them; I think the problem is Bill Gates and microsoft vista everytime in find a computer that uses it I have big problems.

Just down the road from the memorial is one of the 30 Canadian War Cemeteries in France:

I checked the register and there is one Calder burried here John D. Calder:

I'm not sure yet but I'm thinking I might go to Brussels tomorrow, I still have time to fill in before I go to Paris and I have never been there.

Happy Easter all.
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