Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rain Gauge 1.75 inches of rain May 20,2010

After almost 24 hours of non stop rain my new rain gauge say we got just a bit over 1.75 inches of rain.

I lifted the row cover to check things out and there is good news and bad news. Several of the brassica plants have been chewed on and one of the kale is gone except for the ribs of the leaves. I suspect slugs but I can find any in the bed. I went to Machais anyway and bought some organic slug bait to sprinkle around.

The good news is the beets are doing fine. Seed packets and gardening book always say not to start beets early in the house because they don't transplant well. Evidently that is another book that my beets haven't read. They are all doing fine and I don't even see one that has wilted. Fingers crossed.

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