Saturday, July 3, 2010

Special hello to all of my friends in the Yahoo Heirloom Gardening group.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome the members of the Yahoo Group HeirloomGardening2 who are visiting my blog for the first time. The group is a great source of knowledge and heirloom seed varieties through their seed bank. Click on the link above to have a look at the groups web page. I'm growing mostly heirloom vegetable varieties this year and most of those came from the seed bank. A few photos taken in the garden this morning:

Clicking on any of the photos will take you to my flickr account and more info on the variety in the photo.

Heirloom Deacon Dan and Golden Beets.

Heirloom lettuce Merveille des quarte daisons and Gotte jaune d'or.

Heirloom Diciccio Broccoli Square foot garden

Square foot garden blue podded peas and tall telephone peas.
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