Monday, November 15, 2010

Portia Owen Hemery

Portia Owen Hemery, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

I've been invited on a trip to the Channel Islands with a group of friends next March so one of the things that I hope to do while there is to spend a day or two on Jersey and see if I can locate the final resting place of Portia Owen, this memorial to Portia is in St. Anne's Church here on the Island.

I've been fascinated at what I have found on the Internet in just the last 24 hours. Portia married into a very prominent Jersey family of wine merchants and her husband Clement was an aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria :

Clement Hemery
Baptized 2.10.1811. Married Portia Owen in September 1838 in St. Georges Church Hanover Square London. He was a wine merchant. Colonel of the Town Regiment. Constable of St. Helier 1873 - 1876. A.D.C. to Queen Victoria. Died 16.1.1877.

Testament of Clement Hemery of Plaisance, Jersey. Dated 15/07/1876. Bequeaths to the eldest representative of the family a portrait by Fisher, to Cornelia Robinson Owen a portrait by Fisher. Bequeaths to the Jersey National School £200, to St Mark's and St Luke's Schools £50 each, to Cornelia Robinson Owen £50 for religious purposes at Campobello, New Brunswick.

I found one Jersey Church that has a website and contact information so I just wrote them to see if they could offer any information that might be helpful.

I would like to visit the grave and bring back pictures of the Church and Grave to give to St. Anne's.

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