Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making lactic acid fermented dill pickles in the picklemeister

I made these pickles last year for the first time and now I can't imagine ever making any other kind, they are fantastic and very easy to do. So crunchy and full of flavour. This is a link to a video that I made last year on the process: youtu.be/i6fNfpNA9tI . This year I added a few baby carrots to the mixture just for the colour. I would have preferred to use smaller cucumbers but mine got a bit large in the garden while I was waiting for my dill to mature. Lots more dill in the garden so hopefully there will be more cucumbers to make another batch or two before the season is over. I'm going to order a second picklemeister and these can be transferred to litre jars once they have fermented. Very pleased to say that all of the ingredients , this year, came fresh from my own garden picked an hour before I took this photo.

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