Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ides of March & Sowing Under Lights & Popovers

I'm starting a few tomato plants to have an earlier crop and will start more later on in April. I've been waiting for my Bell Pepper seed top arrive since January, they were on back order. They arrived so I've planted them and I decided to make some Popovers.

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 Plant List 2014

1. Early Butternut Squash

2. Baby Leaf Blend Mixed Greens

3. Kossak Kohlrabi

4. Blue Curled Scotch Kale

5. Black King Eggplant

6. Fremont Cauliflower

7. Rendero Cabbage

8. Merlin Beets

9. Stevia

10.Italian Dark Green Parsley

11.Bouquet Dill

12.Penny Series Violas - Citrus Mix -- Jump Up -- Penny Lane Mix

13.Tomcat Pepper

14.Patio Star Squash

15.Veseys Basil Blend

16.Broadleaf Chives

17.Monte Gusto Beans

18.Totem Organic Belgian Endive

19.Big Bomb Chilli

20.Thai Chilli

21.French Marigolds from Rob Bob in Australia

22.Cuthbertson Mix Sweet Peas

23.Gardeners Delight Tomato

24.Calypso Cucumber

25.Carrot Bolero

26.Rutabaga York Turnip

27.Broccoli Gypsy

28.Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant

29.Cucumber Rocky

30.Cayenne Pepper

31.Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Squash

32.Crown Pea

33.Ne Plus Ultra Shelling Pea

34.Velour Bush Snap Beans

35.Ethiopian Lentils

36. Cara Potatoes

37. Covington Sweet Potatoes

38. Spanish Round Black Radish

39. Shanghai Express Goji Berries.

40. Yellow Pear Tomatoes

41. French Shallots  (Sets)

42. Spanish Onions (Sets

43. Dwarf Banana - Musa acuminate

44. Olive - Olea europea

45 Coffee - Kona Coffea

46. Lemon Coriander

47. Basil - Petra Red

48. Basil - Lime

49. Green Soup Celery

50. Pak Choi - Dwarf Canton White

51. Parsnip - Guernsey

52. Salsify- Mammoth

53 Swedish Swede - Turnip
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