Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grow Bag Gardening

Grow Bag Gardening, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

I've wanted to use grow bags for years now but you just can't find them in Canada. Well this winter I bought a light garden and started a lot of my plants under lights in the house and did a lot of internet research on Grow Bags. The only source of grow bags for the home gardener seems to be England. After talking to a local garden center I discovered that there is a product available that commercial growers use in the pruduction of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes, to my shock and surprise it is produced right here in Atlantic Canada in my home province of New Brunswick. The company is called Greenworld and the product is their Professional Mix Type VPW 30, 85 liter bag. My local garden centre was able to get them for me and I purchased 20 bags. So far I have five planted with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in my small greenhouse. I also ordered a grow bag greenhouse from England. This is designed to hold one grow bag and I have it in use with two tomatoes planted in it and doing well at least three weeks earlier than I would normally be able to put tomatoes out due to the risk of frost. Fingers crossed my goal is to get ripe tomatoes before late August or September.

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