Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunset on the Nuke Plants

My room in Auvillar was about 1 KM from these and they were in view for almost 2 days of walking. I hope that was just steam. Look how close some of the houses are I'll bet that is cheap real estate.

March 14/2010 Moissac to Auvillar : A 20 KM walk13 KM of which was along the Canal du Midi so nice and flat and easy walking except they paved the tow path which is hard on the feet.

Canal du Midi near Moissac

Canal du Midi near Moissac

I was surprised to be walking along the Canal again.

When I arrived in Auvillar I was surprised to see large bike races with lots of people out watching them, just like the Tour de France.

Tour de France ???

Auvillar has a beautiful restored medieval round covered market.

Restored medieval round market at Auvillar

Clock tower Auvillar

March 15/2010

Auvillar to Castet Arrouy 22 KM A beautiful sunny and warm day, no jacket required.

On le Chemin

I stayed at the Chambre et table d'hotes run by Marie-Ange a pilgrim herself. Very clean and comfortable and the food was excellent. Marie-Ange was concerned that I might have a problem with reservations for the next day and she was right, she made several phone calls for me and the choice was to walk almost 30 KM to La Romieu or take a short day and stop in Lectoure for the night only 10 KM away, I opted for the short day and on the 16th. I stayed at Gite Le Clos at Lectoure also a very nice accommodation run by a very nice couple who have also walked the Chemin.