Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The square foot garden project.

My square foot garden project began last spring when I turned the sod over on a 12 foot square area of the back lawn. I then covered this area with black plastic mulch and gardened on top of this with grow bags for this summer. Today phase two of the project began with the arrival of the lumber to build six four foot square raised planters with and also the posts and fifty feet of fence to help keep the rabbits out.

I built the first planter in the driveway where I had the lumber dropped and quickly discovered when it came time to move it to the back garden that assembled they are too heavy for me to carry comfortably. So I carried all of the building supplies out to the back garden and continued the construction out there. Fortunately I ran out of nails about the same time that I ran out of energy. I got five of the six planters built and will finish the other one as soon as I get some more nails.

I ordered garlic yesterday so I need to have one of these planters ready to use as soon as it arrives so it will have a chance to get rooted this fall.