Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lucky Flew the Coop

Lucky has been living in a small coop for several weeks now because he was bullying his father Prince Leah. Just the nature of the beast if there are two roosters in the same coop they will spar until one is triumphant and becomes the dominate rooster,leader of the pack. The problem here was the difference in size Lucky is a large full size bird and Leah is a bantam. I have advertised Lucky as free to a good home on Kijiji two weeks ago and today he moved to his new home in Rowley New Brunswick. He is now living with a young family with two young boys who were very happy to see lucky. There is already a rooster, Lucky's size, in the flock but I'm confident that they will sort out the pecking order in the first few days if there is an real issues the family does have a second coop with a flock of younger birds and Lucky could be moved in there.