Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein - 4 of 6

Published on Feb 2, 2013
2011. High Summer. In July and August there's staking to be done and roses to deadhead.

Hydroponics, Onions, Aerogarden, Bay Laurel, Oleander,Rosemary, Meyer Le...

A quick look around at some of the things that are growing in the house in mid-winter. The nutrients for the Hydroponic garden arrived and the seedlings have had their first feeding. The onions seed planted last week are up and growing. The herbs in the Aerogarden have started to put on some size and I harvested some of the dill today to use in a potato salad. A look at some of the tender plants that are over wintering in the house Oleander about to bloom, Bay Laurel and Rosemary enjoying thew winter sun through glass and my very small Meyer Lemon in bloom. To close everything off a visit to the basement to see that amazing growth that the Artichoke it putting on under a grow lamp.