Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The quintessential Beziers View

This is the most famous view of Beziers you see it on all of the tourist information and post cards etc. The weather here the past couple of days has been wonderful a brief shower this morning but other than that it has been sunny and nice and warm. I've been running around with no jacket just a long sleeve t-shirt and have been very comfortable.

Just finalized my plans for leaving Beziers this morning. I will catch a train at 0936 Saturday morning headed to St Christophe after a couple of train transfers I should arrive there 2:45and from there a taxi to Conques as there isn't a train station in Conques. Pru is coming down from Paris to walk with me for the first couple of weeks and we will meet in St Christophe her train gets in a little after mine. That is of course if all of the trains are running on time so far I haven't had much luck that way most of the trains that I have taken have been late from anything to 10 minutes to almost two hours.

My usual warning here I'm not sure how often I will be able to Blog while I'm walking I'm sure I will need to be in a fairly large town to find an internet cafe, but I will post something whenever I have the chance.

A couple of more photos of Beziers this is looking down my street rue des Docteurs Bourguet the door to my apartment building is on the left just ahead of where these people are walking:

My street

Ever since I arrived almost a month ago the Beziers Town Hall has had the Haitian Flag at half mast, in the plaza out in front of the building:

Beziers Town Hall with the Haitian  Flag at half mast.

Check-out the Conques tourism website (Click the red text)some great video and slide shows of the town and you can even select the language of your choice.

A footnote: I've made a change in my plans for tomorrow Thursday 25 February. The weather is so nice I decided to take the train to Montpellier for the day. So hopefully I will have a blog update tomorrow night. Montpellier is only 45 minutes away by train and it is the regional capital have a look at their website.

Talk to you soon from Le Chemin.