Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh what to do...............

Flip Mino Black Front, originally uploaded by Flip Video Camera.

Oh what should I do. I just discovered the Flip Mino HD camcorder. Slips in your pocket, takes up to an hour of HD video, built-in software for uploading to YouTube and other sites like flickr. Supposed to be idiot proof, I might be able to give it a challenge though. The software even allows you to edit clips together into one movie. It would be great to have on my trip I could add clips to my YouTube account and attach them to my blog as I travel. I'm going to be in Fredericton tomorrow and I will go to future shop to have a look at them and I just can't resist this kind of thing so I will likely come home with one.

Flip Video MInoHD 60min Black Back View

Flip Mino Black F360B Pants

I love the little Flip and hope to have time tomorrow, before packing for my trip, to run around the island and make a short video to upload to YouTube.

I don't think it will be of much use to me in France though I can't find a way to use it without it installing software on the computer and then rebooting the computer before you can use it. I'm going to be in Beziers for a month so I might be able to convince one of the Internet Cafes to do it for me if I explain I will be coming back frequently to use it. Worth a try anyway.

Check-out this compilation of the first clips that I took with the Flip complete with bloopers: