Monday, August 31, 2009

New Brunswick's New License Plate

Up to Memramcook to visit with Christina, Dany and Amelia. Christina was telling me about the new NB license plate and the silly slogan that is written across the bottom of the plate. We tried to find one but never did get close enough to one for me to read the thing. Well on the way home yesterday afternoon there was a car ahead of me with the new plate and I was almost in the guys trunk trying to read the slogan line and still couldn't see it clearly enough to read the slogan, in order to make the slogan bilingual and get it all on one line the font is too small to read on the highway. I think there is a good chance this thing will cause accidents from people tailgating trying to read the slogan on the highway. I took this photo in a parking lot in Dipper Harbour, NB. A beautiful little harbour and I hadn't been down there in years.