Monday, February 15, 2010

My Mocha Cake

My Mocha Cake, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

I bought one little Mocha Cake yesterday at the Bakery next door and I was so surprised at the production the lady went through to package and sell it to me. She put it in a box, wrapped it and even put a ribbon on it. By the way the cake was very good.

I was invited to go to Roqueburn yesterday to the annual Mimosa Festival, with Geoff and Lesley a couple of English ex-pats who are friends of my landlord. So glad I went we had a wonderful day . Rogueburn is a little town nestled in the hills along the river Orb less than an hour north of Beziers.


A wonderful atmosphere with crowds of people descending on the little town from all over the area. Lots of vendors with their stalls set-up all along the main street selling anything from crafts to cheese, and of course bouquets of Mimosa.

Mimosa Festival at Roqueburn

I can't resist the wonderful local cheeses and there were several available that were made on the local farms, and of course they were handing out lots of free samples.

Mimosa Festival at Roqueburn

When my eyes fell on this one I knew I just had to have some and of course it was very old, very expensive and very good. It was selling for almost 44 Euros per Kilo I bought a small piece for 11 Euros and have been enjoying it very much.

I bought some of this one very old, very expensive and very good.

I took several of my bumpy short video clips.

There was a nice parade just before we left in the afternoon.

I not sure if I will be able to blog for the next few days or not. My plans are to leave Beziers in the morning on a three day hike along the Canal du Midi to Sete on the Mediterranean. Stopping the First night in Agda the second night in Meze and coming back to Beziers by train from Sete on Thursday evening. If I find Internet Cafes along the way I will add some short posts if not it will be Friday before I have a chance to blog again.