Monday, August 31, 2009

New Brunswick's New License Plate

Up to Memramcook to visit with Christina, Dany and Amelia. Christina was telling me about the new NB license plate and the silly slogan that is written across the bottom of the plate. We tried to find one but never did get close enough to one for me to read the thing. Well on the way home yesterday afternoon there was a car ahead of me with the new plate and I was almost in the guys trunk trying to read the slogan line and still couldn't see it clearly enough to read the slogan, in order to make the slogan bilingual and get it all on one line the font is too small to read on the highway. I think there is a good chance this thing will cause accidents from people tailgating trying to read the slogan on the highway. I took this photo in a parking lot in Dipper Harbour, NB. A beautiful little harbour and I hadn't been down there in years.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Planning my next big walk this time from Le Puy en Valey

puy-en-velay 1, originally uploaded by

Planning my next big walk this time from Le Puy en Valey in southern France, another Camino walk. Not sure yet if I will walk all the way to Santiago in western Spain a distance of 1521 KM or only as far as Saint Jean Pied de Port at the foot of the Pyrenees 736 KM. If I continue into Spain I plan to go up north and walk the Camino del Norte along the north coast, when I walked last time I walked the Camino Frances about 774 KM across Spain.

When my friend Pru came from Paris to spend the summer at her cottage in Lubec she brought me a copy of, Miam Miam Dodo Le Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle La Voie du Puy. The widely considered best guide book for the Camino Le Puy-en-Valey to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port along the GR 65(Grande Randonnée 65). It is easy to see where it gets it's reputation excellent maps and detailed information on each village and town that you pass through as well as contact information and rates for all of the accommodations along the chemin.

Right now my plans are to start walking the first week in March. Le Puy and the surrounding area is in the Haute-Loire region and the first week of walking is at altitude ranging from 640 meters at Le Puy to 1400 meters at L'Aubrac so there is the possibility of Snow in these areas but I'm not worried I have lots of time I will either wait out the storm in a village or take a bus or train down out of the mountains.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pathfinders visit to a yurt in theMachiasport area.

Yesterday's Pathfinder walk was a two mile hike through private land to visit Bill Coperthwaite and his Yurts. Mr. Coperthwaite built the main Yurt 40 years ago and has lived in it ever since, completely off the grid no electricity, no running water or refrigeration. A beautiful location and a huge property the two mile hike through the forest to the yurts is all his property as well as all of the land in the surrounding bays down at the water a short walk from the yurt.

One of the links attached to Mr. Coperthwaite's website is for a BC company that makes and sells Yurt homes, so you never know when my house sells and I move to BC I just might live in a Yurt in the forest.

Follow this link to Mr. Coperthwaits website.
BC Yurt Company
Second BC Yurt Company
Link to my other photos from the yurt visit.