Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Nations Style Three Sisters Permaculture Garden - Video 2- May31, ...

Lovely warm weather so I made my planting mounds and transplanted the corn, squash and pumpkin seedlings and planted the bean seed in my Three Sister Permaculture garden. The night before I planted this I had coons in the garden digging up a row of beans that had just been planted. I don't think they were interested in the bean seed I suspect they were checking the freshly turned earth for grubs. I'm pleased to say that the Three Sisters survived their first night, when I inspected the garden this morning there had not been any further damage. I could see where the coons had been in the area though there were some new holes dug in the path going out to the garden. Hopefully they have decided that the grub feast is more plentiful in the lawn than in the raised beds.

First Nations Style Three Sisters Permaculture Garden