Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chick Cam the Girls are one month old today

Took this video over the past few days showing some of the chicken entertainment. They are a month old now and really developing little personalities. I've removed the brooder walls so they now have the full run of the coop, but still have the brooder lamp to return to if they start to get cold. I've also started feeding them greens from their window box gardens. Just a leaf or two of either spinach, Swiss chard or lettuce per day. It took them a while to catch on to it but now they get very excited over their greens and eat the whole leaf in no time.

Nevaeh's Princess Balloon

My sister and her granddaughter Nevaeh visited for a week and Nevaeh had to leave her Princess Balloon behind because she couldn't take in on the plane. So today I set it free with a message.