Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why I love France in seven easy lesson.

When I came back home I had an hours worth of video clips, 105 clips in all, on my flip camcorder and one of my youTube friends suggested that I turn them into youTube length movies (Under 10 minutes long) and post them on youTube. Well I just finished that little project and I've decided to put them all together here on my blog. There are seven little movies and they are basicly just the unedited clips joined together sometimes the video isn't great, sometimes the wind blocks what I trying to say and sometimes they are very funny like the scene with the three dogs or the Basque family out for a walk Mom, Dad, the Kids, the dog and of course the donkey or my two attempts at crossing a rushing stream with full backpack.

This first one is my arrival in cold snowy Paris on February first the train trip down south to Beziers and some of my travel in the south of France.

The second video is taken at the Acquarium at Montpelier and the start of the Le Puy walk.

The third video is mostly Wild flowers and walking through the national forest.

The fourth video was recorded March 30th, 2010 as I walked on a rainy day in the Basque country.

The fifth video is the last day of my walk, March 31, 2010 and the time in Saint Jean Pied de Port.

The sixth video was taken while I traveled around in France and my short trip to Brussels, before going to Paris at the end of the trip.

The seventh and last video you have seen before if you have looked at my earlier posts but I though I would put it here too so they would all be in one place, it's my river tour on the Batobus in Paris.

Well that's it I hope you got a kick out of them some of them really crack me up.