Friday, January 15, 2010

Beziers - Friday Market

I'm arriving in Beziers on a Monday evening so I will need to wait four days before I can shop at this beautiful Friday morning open air market. I have a flickr gallery of 18 photos taken by various photographers at the market:

Plans for my departure are almost all finalized I'm looking forward to visiting with my niece and her family in Memramcook en-route to the airport. They also get the job of babysitting my car while I'm away.

If my flight is on time I will have about four hours at the airport in Paris before the TGV train for Beziers departs the airport station. My friend Pru who lives in Sevre outside Paris is planning to come to airport to welcome me to la belle France . It will be good to see her again, we plan to find a cafe close to the train station for coffee and a lunch.

Other than finding Pru and the train station I need to find an ATM to get some Euros, need to pay my rent when I arrive in Beziers. I know I've looked for an ATM in this airport before and have never been successful. I remember traveling through there once with the walking group The Pathfinders and finding one of the women in the group standing in front of one of the machines where you pay for your parking time in the car park, with her bank card in hand hoping to get cash out of it. . I just checked the airports website and they say there are 25 ATM machines, evidently well hidden.

My landlord in Beziers has made a couple of suggestions for interesting areas to walk in the region and has even offered to provide transport and join me for the day. Pru and Ivan are planning to come down for a five day visit in early February. Lots of family and friends wishing me a good trip and several friends who I know only through flickr are sending good wishes and following my blog.

I'm getting so excited !!