Friday, May 8, 2015

Twelve Varieties of Potatoes and an update

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Chitting potatoes and a look at the garden and hoop house.

Norland : Smooth red skin, shallow eyes white flesh. No internal defects, few irregular tubers. Some resistance to scab and rhizoctonia (black scurf)(Early)

Pacific Russet : Newly released, russet skin white flesh, very shallow eyes. Good yield uniform size. Great boiled or baked. Rated very high in Ontario industry trials for yield and uniformity. (Early)

Yukon Gold: Oval, slightly flattened tubers, yellow, skin light yellow flesh. Tubers can grow quite large and store well. Good for boiling baking and frying. Plants look similar to a tomato plant. (Mid Season)

Shepody : Long tubers, white skin, white moist flesh medium deep eyes. Excellent tasting potato. Excellent for boiling, baking or french fries. Some resistance to rhizoctonia (black scurf) (Mid Season)

Linzer Delekatass: The Linzer is an early-maturing and another waxy potato most popular for boiling or making salads. Potatoes are small & oval with yellow skin. Linzer Delikatess is one of our top selling potatoes to home and market gardeners .(Fingerling)

Novella : Novella is a new variety with a yellow skin and pale yellow flesh. Potatoes are good and of uniform size. Novella is suitable for cultivation on different soil types but can be susceptible to common scab. (Mid Season)

Roko: Oval potatoes with bright red skin and white flesh. Roko has a unique quality of producing high yields with uniform potatoes. Also excellent for over winter storage. (Mid Season)

Gold Rush: Gold Rush is a great alternative to Russet Burbank which has been a staple in many gardens for years. Gold Rush is an early maturing russet variety, great for boiling and baking. (Mid Season)

Caribe: Caribe is a high yielding oblong potatoes with excellent storage qualities. It is one of my favorite baked potatoes as it has a nice moist flesh when cooked. (Early)

Amarosa: AmaRosa is a mid-season fingerling potato with a smooth bright red skin, and deep red flesh. These creamy nutritious fingerlings are great for baking, roasting, and grilling. AmaRosa also make fantastically colorful potato chips as they retain their bright red color when fried.(Fingerling)

Nicola: Long to oval shape with a rich yellow skin and yellow waxy flesh. Excellent as a salad or boiling potato, wonderful for mash. Also excellent for baked potato dishes and roasting. Originally from West Germany, now widely grown around the world. (Mid Season)

Cara: A wonderful dry floury potatoes that I am growing from my own saved seed from last years crop. I find they best way to cook these is to steam them whole. (Mid Season)

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