Friday, October 7, 2011

Canning Pumpkin Sweet Apples

My beautiful heirloom Pumpkin Sweet Apple Tree is loaded with fruit again this year. Following a recipe posted by Ivan & Magda when they canned Pears grown on their farm in Poland, with some adjustments for my tastes I canned some of the apples. Have a look at Ivan's and Magda's channel all of their videos are very interesting:

Of course I also couldn't resist the chance to show off my little flock of chickens 19 weeks old now and getting very close to egg laying time.

Soon they will be on the ground.

First hard frost this morning but it warmed up nicely as the day went on and the forecast is for Indian Summer for the next week wonderful warm above seasonal temperatures and no risk of frost. Beautiful day for a walk today to enjoy some of the beautiful Autumn colours before it all disappears.

The Pond

Autumn Colours