Monday, August 10, 2009

Pathfinders visit to a yurt in theMachiasport area.

Yesterday's Pathfinder walk was a two mile hike through private land to visit Bill Coperthwaite and his Yurts. Mr. Coperthwaite built the main Yurt 40 years ago and has lived in it ever since, completely off the grid no electricity, no running water or refrigeration. A beautiful location and a huge property the two mile hike through the forest to the yurts is all his property as well as all of the land in the surrounding bays down at the water a short walk from the yurt.

One of the links attached to Mr. Coperthwaite's website is for a BC company that makes and sells Yurt homes, so you never know when my house sells and I move to BC I just might live in a Yurt in the forest.

Follow this link to Mr. Coperthwaits website.
BC Yurt Company
Second BC Yurt Company
Link to my other photos from the yurt visit.