Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Canadian Memorial Vimy Ridge

At last I think I beat Bill Gates at his stupid game. For some reason most computers using the Vista garbage can't find the small card from my camera even though it is inserted in the computer but my flip video camcorder uses a USB port and that always works so this morning I spent 25€ for a card reader that works in USB ports and was able to upload photos without a problem, don't any one tell Bill.

If you click on any of these photos it will take you to my flickr account where there are several more Vimy photos.

This one depicts Victory holding the tourch and a dieing soldier.

Canadian Memorial Vimy Ridge

The most moving part of my Vimy visit was the time spent in the Canadian Cemetery.

Canadian Cemetery Vimy

As I was leaving I though I would check the register and sure enough there was one Calder grave, John D. Calder my great grand fathers name was John but this isn't him.

John D. Calder Grave

I took this photo of a fance pastry shop window in Brussels talk about special Easter Bunnies.

Easter Sweets

The next two photos are for Pru we have this ongoing joke about me seeing a big restaurant sign in Spain a couple of years ago when we were walking the Camino there. We were hungry and looking for a cafe and I told her that I thought I could see a large sign with a large Lobster on it at the end of this very long street. When Pru stopped laughing she said do you think you are back in Maine? Needless to say it wasn't a Lobster sign. So now when ever we look for a restaurant we joke about it. Well Pru look what I found in Arras and Brussels.

For Pru

For Pru

I just got off the phone with the little Hotel that I stay at in Paris and changed my reservation so I arrive on the 9th now instead of the 12th so now I will have five and a half days to explore Paris in the spring time, things could be much worse. I'M in Calais now for a couple of days.