Monday, June 27, 2016

Introducing Angel

Introducing my dog Angel sorry for all of the wind noise at the beach.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Garden Walk About

My annual walk about to show the location of gardens, house, cabin and hoop house. With stops to show some of the progress in various gardens.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Alan Kapuler - Kinship Garden and Greenhouse Tour

I could listen to this guy all day. I'm growing the Yacon that he mentions.

From the archives: research scientist and public domain plant breeder, Alan Kapuler, who prefers to be called “Mushroom”, takes us on a tour of his exotic greenhouse, a 21-year biodiversity experiment in Corvallis, Oregon, he refers to as Kinship Garden.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Garden & Hoop House in early June

Almost finished the spring planting and things are germinating.

The 2016 Plant List some items on the list have not been planted not sure what happened if I ordered the seed they never arrived.
1. Espelette Peppers
2. Thai Chillies
3. Mini Yellow Bell Peppers
4. Lipstick Peppers (Seed from Kevin Bradley)
5. Jimmy Nardello Peppers (Seed from Kevin Bradley)
6. Lemon Trees (From Meyer Lemon seed)
7. Lemon Tree (From a store bought lemon seeds)
8. Rosemary
9. Venice Mix Morning Glory
10. Beet Collection
11. Gypsy Broccoli
12. Caraflex Cabbage
13. Red Hawk Cabbage
14. Veronica Cauliflower
15. Brilliant Celeriac
16. Shikou Eggplant
17. Elegance Zucchini
18. Waltham Butternut Squash
19. Hokkaido Squash
20. Burpee's Rhubarb Chard
21. White Satin Carrots
22. Lettuce Salanova Green Incised
23. Lettuce Salanova Oakleaf
24. Hakurei Turnip
25. North Georgia Candy Roaster Squash
26. Crown Pea
27. Oka Mellon
28. Black Locust Tree
29. Mixed Hollyhocks
30. Early Thorogreen Lima Beans
31. Asparagus Beans
32. Deadon Cabbage
33. Siletz Tomato - Parthenocarpic.
34. Blend of short sunflowers
35. Green Globe Basil
36. Double Hollyhocks
37. Bay Laurel – Plant from Richters
38. Double Chamomile – Plant from Richters
39. English Chamomile – Plant from Richters
40. Hollyhock (2) – Plant from Richters
41. Black Hollyhock (2) – Plant from Richters
42. French Tarragon – Plant from Richters
43. Gojiberry (2) – Plant from Richters
44. Spanish Onion Sets
45. Multiplier or Potato Onion Sets
46. French Shallots Sets
47. Linzer Delikatess Potatoes
48. Nicola Potatoes
49. Roko Potatoes
50. Pacific Russet Potatoes
51. Cara Potatoes
52. Cavili Hybrid Summer Squash – Parthenocarpic.
53. Halvor's Petunias
54. Parsley Italian Dark Green
55. Red Trillium
56. Morning Glory Venice Mix
57. Halvor's Yellow Mennonite Tomato
58. Britain's Breakfast Tomato
59. Broad London Leek
60. Kohlrabi White Vienna
61. Cucuzze / Serpente Di Sicilia from Eric Morabito