Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bernie' s Press Badge

Bernie' Press Badge, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

My pal Bernie and I are almost ready to travel. Bernie got his new Press Credentials today.

I did a trial run/packing my backpack today and I'm really pleased to say that I have the weight down to 7.7 KG and that includes all of my cloths even the cloths that I will be wearing on the day and with the water bottle filled. On the first day of my last Camino in 2008 my backpack weighed over 12 KG with empty water bottles and the cloths that I was wearing already removed. If I learned anything at all in 2008 it was to make due with the bare essentials and carry as little as possible. So this time I basically have one change of cloths, some toiletries, medications, two pairs of socks and liner socks , light fleece jacket, rain/wind jacket and pants and a change of underwear. This time I'm leaving the poncho home and using the nice Rain Jacket that my Brother and Sister in-law gave me for Christmas. I bought a pair of rain pants to go with it and will use them as my second pair of pants. Since the pants and jacket are wind proof along with water proof they will also help to keep me warm on any cold windy days.

Counting down the days.