Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ten days and counting.

Just an average normal winter storm for this area 10 to 15 centimeters predicted in total, but what a gray day. The photo is a full colour photo but you really need to search to find a bit that isn't gray, black or white. A flickr friend who lives in Beziers just commented on the photo and asked me to leave the snow behind when I come over.

Ten days and counting until I arrive in the south of France I just checked the weather in Beziers and it isn't exactly hot there either but daytime highs are averaging 10 degrees C. and hopefully will continue to warm up as the days go on. This link will take you to the Beziers forecast from the BBC website:

Béziers (Besièrs in Occitan, and Besiers in Catalan) is a town in Languedoc in the southwest of France. It is a commune and a sub-prefecture of the Hérault department. Béziers hosts the famous... more

Some more good news, if you check the Le Puy live web-cam link in my previous post you will see that last weeks snow is almost completely gone. I suspect that is normal for the area they get snow because of the altitude but I don't think the area is know for sustained deep snow like the alps or ski areas. They no doubt will have more snow before the winter is out and I will need to keep an eye on it for my planned March first start from Le Puy.

My friend Pru who is planning to walk with me has had a bit of a setback. She has been having a lot of back pain and being treated for it by her Doctor. Monday her Doctor told her not to carry more than 2.5 Kg., an empty backpack weighs that much. In the true, pilgrim/long distance walker spirit Pru has found a company that will transport her pack to the next etape (stage) allowing her to walk with a light day pack. This of course adds to the cost of the venture but I was surprised that the charge is only 8 Euros per day for a pack up to 12 Kg. Now I will be jealous and tempted to have mine transported too. Seriously it is good to know about this service in case I have a need for it.