Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard in Beziers LOL

A special welcome to all of my Maritime Camino Friends who started following the blog today.

Blizzard of course is a joke but is it ever cold here today and as you can see there was even a light snow flurry early this morning. I get the local weather forecast for back home emailed to me every morning and I think it was warmer on Campobello by a few degrees than it was here. There were icy spots on sidewalks earlier and people were rushing to cover them with grit. I spent most of the day out around the city and feeling sorry for the local people they look like they were frozen.

I absolutely hate my little camera it has been giving me grief ever since I've owned it. Yesterday after I got all the way out to the Etang de Montady it refused to work altogether, fortunately I had my flip camcorder with me.(Camino friendly only weighs 3.3 ounces) The battery was recently charged but the camera says it has a low battery and shuts down. So all of this to tell you that I did a long walk through the city today out to the outskirts where the new modern mall is to find a camera shop and have the battery checked. I had charged it again last night it tested fine and the camera worked all day, yesterday I was tempted to throw it in the canal.

On the way to the mall you walk by the new arena. Beziers has Bull Fighting in the summer, fortunately not this time of year. But then I have been there got the t-shirt and will never do it again. It was my birthday gift to myself a few years ago in Portugal, where they tell you they don't kill the Bull, which is true they don't kill it in the arena they just torture it to within an inch of it's life. Then they take it out back and kill it.

Beziers Bull Ring

Looks to me like they hung the little red elf, but people tell me he is climbing up the rope to get in the apartment. I have seen these all over the city, wish I could find them in a shop I would ship one back home.

Poor Santa

My traveling buddy Bernie has been having fun today. He comes from a large family of sock people who are all over the place.

Bernie wants to ride the Carousel

Bernie wants to ride the Carousel

Bernie is looking for a job. Click on the photo then select all sizes from my flickr account so you can see what job Bernie is considering.

Bernie is looking for a job.

My window with the screen down on the left and the view from my window on the right. This is the view from my kitchen window and I have to keep the screen down because when ever I'm working at the kitchen counter, which is just behind the window, the old lady across the street rushes around and closes all of her shutters. It's a very narrow street.

My window with the screen down on the left and the view from my window on the right