Friday, March 5, 2010

Conques from the South

March 5th. much to tell . We have been walking six days now and covered a little over 100 KM . The whole saga begins with me leaving my "Man Purse" on a train at the last stop before Conques and I didn't realize it until a half hour later: A small station only one employee who call the train they find the bag and will return it to the station on a later train that evening. We take a taxi to Conques about a half hour away and the taxi is due to return to the little station in the morning to pick up passengers from the Paris train. Problem number two in the morning all trains from the north of France are cancelled due to the mqjor storm on the coast that killed 50 people. The nice people at SNCF,French Rail, agree to forward the bag to the next town on out walking route. Once we arrive there are no taxis available to take me the extra 4 KM to the station so I add an extra 8 KM round trip to pick up the bag. Everything still in the bag including my Passport and two cameras.

We are in Limogne tonight and this little cafe is going to close soon so I need to be brief. The photo of Conques is borrowed, I didn't have a camera at the time. I will add some photos here and if you click on them it will take you to the others that I have just put on Flickr.

Le Chemin

My new friend who shared lunch with me.

Strawberries under plastic.

Wonderful Chambre d'Hotes Atelier des Volets Bleus at Grealou