Monday, July 6, 2009

Campobello Killer Rose

Campobello Killer Rose, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

Campobello's killer rose is in full bloom. This is a rambler type rose which some seasonal residents brought to the Island a few years back. It is an amazing thing the hips in the fall are small and very plentiful and the birds love them so it has been spread all over the Island. Birds tend to drop the seeds when they are roosting in trees for the night and this provides this lovely rose with just the environment that it has been looking for, it loves to climb trees and can be found in several locations 50 to 60 feet up a tall spruce tree. I have one in my garden that I started from seed that I collected several years ago and it is going to bloom for the first time this year, it's all budded out but the blooms haven't opened yet. I'm just back from picking this bouquet on the North Road where it is in full bloom. I just noticed for the first time that it comes to two colours pink and white. Now I have to wait for mine to bloom to see what colour I have.

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