Friday, September 25, 2009

The square foot garden project.

First crops planted in my Square foot Garden Project. The Garlic the I ordered from Salt Spring Island Seeds arrived and I planted it along with some garlic that I had in the kitchen. This will give me a chance to compare the results from the expensive seed garlic to the regular store bought garlic.

Before I planted the garlic I added a generous amount of Seafood Compost to each square foot cell and worked it into the soil. The use of Seafood Compost seemed very appropriate as the variety of Garlic that I had selected from Salt Spring Island Seeds is called Fish Lake # 3. The Fish Lake cloves are much larger then the store bought variety so I allowed them more room in the square foot cell. Each head of Fish Lake only had four cloves though which was a bit disappointing, considering the price including shipping was $13.00 for two heads. The cloves should have a good chance to set roots and get established before the ground freezes in late November or early December.

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