Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maine Coast Heritage Trust Prize winning photo.

I just received this notification that this photo won the Maine Coast Heritage Trust photo contest prize;

Hi Dale:

I am writing to inform you that one of your photos has been chosen as the 2009 MCHT Photo Contest Winner (see attached). Thank you so much for participating in this year’s contest. Your image does an excellent job of capturing the beauty of the Maine coast. As winner of this year’s contest you are entitled to an MCHT Tote bag. Please forward to me your address and I will send it on its way. Again thanks for your participation and support of MCHT.


Jeffrey Romano
Maine Coast Heritage Trust
1 Bowdoin Mill Island, Suite 201
Topsham, ME 04086

I'm pleased to be the winner but I'm not sure if I had any competition. A man from the Heritage trust led a Pathfinders walk in Machiasport on August 9th and he invited any of us who were taking photos on the walk to enter the contest, he also said that as of that date there had not been any entries.

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