Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bernie just back from shopping.

Bernie and I have settled in nicely and I think our French is improving marginally.

Yesterday was a perfect day and a big surprise because the weather forecast was for rain all day. We drove the the Abbey Village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert in the morning and explored the abbey and the narrow little village that is set in the valley between two mountains. Had a wonderful picnic lunch, more like a feast, from items that we bought in the Les Halles Market in Beziers earlier in the morning.

Abbey at Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert

In the afternoon we drove down to the Mediterranean to the town of Sete where the Canal du Midi finishes it's cross country trek from the Atlantic. A beautiful busy little sea port town a few kilometers out side of town we stopped along the sea to watch the breakers roll in from the open sea. The beach was miles long perfect sand and seashells every where.

The Mediterranean between Sete and Agda.

If you click on any of these photos it should take you to my flickr account and you can see the other pictures that I uploaded yesterday. I may not do that too often it took an hour and ten minutes in the Cyber Cafe sitting there watching the computer to get them on my account.

I haven't bought any of these yet but I think I will just to see what they are like:

Market Les Halles Beziers

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