Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beziers Town Hall Door Knocker

Town Hall Door Knocker, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

Still cold but sunny it got up to 4 degrees today but it was nice out in the sun. I even sat in the sun on my balcony and read for a while.

Spent part of the day exploring the side streets of Beziers , I'm getting quite comfortable with the town and seem to have a general idea of where I am most of the time. Found a lot of lovely little shops that I hadn't seen before especially the antiques shops. So far I have only window shopped but I did see a couple of small paintings that were very nice. that's what I usually buy myself as a souvenir of my travels, one was quite small and would fit in with the stuff that I'm shipping on to Pru to pick up in Paris on my way home, so chances are good that I will talk myself into that one.

This is the shop window and if you click on the photo it will take you to my flickr site and I have put a note next to the one I liked.

Beziers Shop Windows

Some more shop windows:

Anybody planning a wedding, want to do it Beziers style.

Beziers Shop Windows

It was a rug shop but they also had a Buddha collection for sale:

Beziers Shop Windows

All of the glasses were, "Le Lot 35 Euros" :

Beziers Shop Windows

My only purchase of the day was a nice new leather belt which I bought from a Senegalese man who had set up a small display in the Allees Paul Riquet.

They have turned on some of the fountains this one is at a round about but the one that I want to see is a large one in the Allees but the last time I checked it was frozen over.

Fountain at a Beziers round about.

Thought you might like to see a close-up of my Mimosa, it's a shrub or small tree which has been in bloom here since the first of the year. Not many in Beziers but I did see one coming into town on the train yesterday afternoon. If the weather is good I might see a lot more tomorrow I've been invited to go to the Mimosa Festival in Roquebrun a town a little north of here .

Mimosa close-up.

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