Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First full day in Beziers

Beziers, originally uploaded by Marlis1.

Arrived in Beziers after dark last night almost 23 hours after leaving Moncton. Had a good flight over to Paris, well as good as can be expected with Air Canada my Vegetarian meal in the evening was not eatable and I guess I slept through Breakfast. I do remember hearing them ask somebody if they wanted orange juice. Anyway it was a good flight and seemed really short because I slept most of the way.

Pru and Ivan came to see me at the Airport and we had a nice visit and lunch. Very cold in Paris and the train station area of the airport is mostly open to the outside so it was very cool. There was a fresh covering of snow in Paris and most of the way down south. All the way to Nimes anyway, but after that it was all green fields.

My landlord was waiting at the station with his dog Penny and after I got settled in I was invited down for a very delicious dinner. Which was much appreciated after the long day.

Another good nights sleep last night and this morning I was off to Les Halles the covered market for breakfast and some shopping to get my kitchen stocked. I love the French markets everything so well displayed and so fresh. Lots of wonderful fresh seafood here, being so close to the sea. I bought some salmon already cooked in a cream and red pepper sauce and I just had it warmed up for supper, very good.

Spent most of the day getting my bearings and exploring the town. Sunny and very comfortable in just a light jacket. A lot to see and I just strolled around barely scratching the surface.

I haven't gone to an internet cafe yet, found a nice one next to the market though, to see if I can upload some of my photos to use so in the meantime I stole this one from Marlis a flickr friend. This shows the river Orb, the old Roman Bridge and the Cathedral high on the hill. I walked around the cathedral this afternoon and saw this view looking down from there.

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