Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Flower Market - Beziers

Another lovely sunny day but still very cold, it got up to 3 degrees this afternoon.

Off to my friendly neighborhood laundry early this morning and then back up to check out the Friday Flower Market. Very colourful and I took the opportunity to act on a suggestion from Pat and Marc, previous guests in this apartment. When I said yesterday that I had to keep the screen down because the lady next door closes here shutters if I raise it, they said their solution to the problem was to put a large bouquet of sunflowers in the wind and just think of her as the friendly neighborhood watch. So I have thrown caution to the wind raised the screen and since sunflowers are not in season I bought a large bunch of Mimosa and a pot of Daffodils.(Not in bloom yet)

My window with Mimisas and a pot of daffodils.

Of course I have to make my daily stop at the the bakery which is just steps from my front door.

My local Bollangere, just steps from my front door.

After lunch I decided to take the train to Narbonne which is only one train stop away. Once again the weather is causing train delays. When I bought my ticket the agent said the train is delayed 40 minutes as soon as I got out in the lobby of the station the board changed to say that it is now delayed one hour. I decided to call Pru for a chat and while I was talking to her the board changed again it was now delayed one hour and a half. Having lots of time to spare I bought a newspaper and went to sit in the lounge. I just got comfortable when I noticed the board had changed again now the train is once again only delayed an hour so now I have a matter if minutes to get to the right platform and jump on board.

It was cold in Beziers but no wind, in Narbonne it was three degrees but lots of wind which made it much worse.Not cold enough that old men of the town would interrupt their game of Boules, I watched them for quite a while and in my opinion they were very good, making some incredible shots. They kept a close eye on me so I had to do my filming secretly, don't blame them I wouldn't want some tourist filming me either.

Narbonne has a beautiful Cathedral but it looks a bit strange, it was never finished. It is one of the tallest in France but they only built the choir and never went any further so from the inside it is almost as long as it is tall.

St. Just Cathedral Narbonne

St. Just Cathedral Narbonne

St. Just Cathedral Narbonne

In the middle of a plaza near the Cathedral they have preserved a bit of the old Roman Road that used to pass through the area. Yes that's my shadow........

Preserved Roman Road Narbonne

Not to be out done the train back home in the late afternoon was delayed at least an hour and for an added attraction they changed the platform after everyone was out on the platform waiting for the train .

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