Thursday, February 25, 2010

Montpellier February 25, 2010

Montpellier, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

For my last day trip out of Beziers I got up early this morning and took the train to Montpellier for the day. The weather was not as advertised very mild but heavy cloud all day the sun never did get out.

For those of you in Canada who have seen the Bonbardier commercial in TV where some tourist ask a lady to take their picture in a town square and a tram goes by and the woman takes a picture of it instead and says that my train it's made by Bombardier. Well I don't think this is the same square and I road these trams all day but couldn't find any indication of who made them but every-time I saw one I though of that commercial. They sure were efficient and frequent and an all day ticket was only 3.40 Euros.

I love aquariums and I think this is my fourth, two in Europe and two in North America and this one sure didn't disappoint. One video clip pretty much looks like the last video clip so I will only bore you with a couple of them.


Look who I found in Montpellier - Vive le Quebec libre. Remember him from Quebec City in 1967.

Look who I found in Montpellier - Vive le Quebec libre.

This man would have great job security in Beziers. Anyone want to guess what he does for a living.

This man would have great job security in Beziers.

Of course since there was a Jardin des Plantes (Botanical Garden) I had to go. This one is even about 50 years older then the one in Paris. A few things in bloom but not much this time of year. Actually this garden is a medicinal garden and isn't grown for its flowers commissioned by Henri IV in 1593.


Jardin des Plantes- Montpellier


Jardin des Plantes- Montpellier

Just before I left I came across this most unusual apartment building, I would love to live in it if they could convince me that it won't fall over. Looks kind of top heavy to me.

I want to live here what a neat building - Montpellier

As usual there are additional photos on my flickr account and clicking on any of these pictures will take you there if you want to see them.

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