Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Picnic lunch at Saint Guilihem le Desert

Well I had another try at uploading photos and I'm glad to say it must have been a poor connection the other night because today it was every bit as fast as it is at home if not faster. So there are a few more photos and a video clip on my flickr site if you want to have a look. you can get there by clicking on this photo.

This is a shot of one of the picnic feast that Pru and I had on the road. This one at Saint Guilihem le Desert. We had a lot of fun shopping at markets for our lunch.

All good things must come to an end and Pru had to return home yesterday. When we got to the train station yesterday morning most of the trains coming down from up north were on average four hours late. Due to some problem with the electricity . Pru was going north so this wasn't a problem her train departed on time. I talked to here later in the afternoon though and the train had slowed down and was going to be at least two hours late getting into Pairs.

Today has been cool and we had some rain this morning. I'm waiting for a good day to do a walk along the Canal Du Midi to L'Etang de Montady, Google that or better yet have a look at it on Google Earth. It's and amazing piece of medieval engineering that is still in use today. Only about 10 KM out of Beziers so a nice day trip. So far tomorrow is looking better weather wise so perhaps I will be off in the morning.

The Nuns were having their noontime service as we entered the abbey at Saint Guilihem le Desert:

I had seen pictures of the Masons marks, at Beziers Cathedral, posted by my flickr friend Marlis so I went looking for them yesterday. Each mason had his own mark and was paid according to the amount of work he did:

Masons mark of the stone of the cloister wall at Beziers Cathedral

I should have taken a picture of the structure that hold the frame for you to take your picture through. They were all around Collioure framing various views:


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