Monday, March 29, 2010

Aroue March 29, 2010

I can't seem to find a computer that will let me upload photos but at least the one here at the Gite tonight will let me upload some videos.

This first one was taken over a week ago:

For the last few days I have been enjoying great views of the snow covered Pyrenees Mountains and I just can't stop taking pictures of them.

The countryside is so beautiful this time of year. I'm walking in the Basque country now which is Donkey country I love them and have been feeding them butter cookies with dark chocolate on top and they really seem to like them. I'm starting to see more sheep too I hope I'm able to find some of the Basque sheeps milk cheese soon.

Today's walk was very nice not too many hills to climb and most of the morning was in the forest which I really enjoyed, so many wild flowers and lots of birds an other animals. I see deer almost everyday at least one and a week or so ago on a foggy morning I saw a small herd of 10 to 12 running in a meadow. I have wanted to see wild Boar ever since I worked on a farm in Tuscany, there were lots of them there and I could hear them in the forest but I never did see one. Well my wish came true last week I didn't get a photo because it saw me first but I did get to see and hear it as it ran away down a row of vines in a vineyard.

I'm getting close to the end of this first part of my walk. As of today I have walked 489 KM since leaving Conques on February 27th and I have 44 KM more to go before I reach Saint-Jean-Pied-De-Port. Once there I will check the snow conditions back on the L'Aubrec and if the conditions are good I hope to take a train to Le Puy and walk the section from there to Conques which I couldn't do earlier due to the snow conditions.The weather is so nice and waqrm down here I sure hope they are getting this up in Le Puy too. Speaking of weather I get the forecast from back home emailed to me every morning and I can't beleave the winter that I've missed. I'm not sure that you have had any snow since I left but you sure havent had much, can't wait to get back and get in the garden before the black flies arrive.

This little clip was taken in the forest this morning:

This is where I stopped for my Picnic today. Very nice people even let me look inside the Pate factory and the lady gave me a can of Pate, I didn't have the heart to tell her I don't eat meat.

Hope you can see the last two videos this computer is slower then death and youtube hadn't finished playing with them when I posted them.
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