Friday, April 9, 2010

Paris Montmartre Sacre Coeur

Arrived in Paris late morning and this afternoon walked up to Montmartre which is only about 15 minutes from the little hotel where I stay.

Today is the last day that I can say that I'm in my fifties I hit the big six oh tomorrow and of course I came to Europe so that would happen five hours earlier. LOL Today is also the birthday of two of my great neices Abby and Nevaeh have a great day girls.

Today is beautiful sunny and warm in Paris wish I had short pants and I will be very glad to get the packages that I sent on to Ivan's and Pru's so I can get my sneakers on and get out of these hot hiking boots.

I really enjoyed Calais and took a few more photos yesterday especially around the beautiful old City Hall and all of the lovely gardens in that area.

Calais City Hall and Gardens

Calais City Hall and Gardens

If you ever have the desire to try horse meat Calais is the right place to go I saw several shops that specialize in it . If Roy Rogers had only known he wouldn't have had Trigger stuffed and mounted.

Anyone for horse steaks.....poor trigger.

If it is a good day tomorrow I want to buy a Bateaubus ticket it is the cheapest way to get on the river and I want to take the last of my videos from the river. My flip camcorder will hold one hour of video and I have about five minutes of space left. Stay tuned for the feature length movie when I get back to my own computer so I can edit it. Just jokeing I do plan to make an hour long DVD but I won't be able to post it YouTube won't take longer then ten minute videos. Copies will be available to anyone who wants one though.

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