Friday, April 23, 2010

Square Foot Garden April 23, 2010

Time to plant the peas. I'm planting two heritage verities Tall Telephone Garden Peas the king my father and grandfather used to grow when I was a child a very tall variety that they used to stake with alder brush for them to grow on. Mine are being grown at the back of one of my four foot square raised beds and I plan to build a frame out of 2X4 lumber and chicken wire for them to grow on. I added a liberal amount of seafood compost to each cell and worked it into the soil before planted the eight seeds recommended for each cell. One good thing about knowing exactly how many seed you have planted is it makes it easy to replace any seed that don't germinate.

My second variety of peas is something really different, Blue Podded Peas. They are an old heritage variety that actually have blue pods, that should really stand out in the garden. The seed catalog said they are not eaten as fresh peas but are dried and used in soup. Which is fine with me because I love pea soup. I just have one problem with that when I opened the seed packet the seed are brown, I hope that doesn't mean that I will have brown pea soup.
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