Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Construction in the Square Foot Garden

A beautiful day and I got several projects started and some finished.

I ordered lumber a couple of days ago to build trellises for the square foot garden and a wheelbarrow to replace my old garden cart that finally gave up the ghost last fall. This was delivered in the morning so I set to work putting the barrow together and building the first trellis. The barrow is a bit smaller then I had though it would be but that is a good thing this way I won't be lifting heavy loads I have enough back, knee and hip pain now I don't need to add any more. The first trellis is built and installed ready for the peas to start climbing which won't be long now, they are up and growing fast. The trellis is very tall and I can't imagine any thing growing to the top of it but at least the space is there if it is needed. I will be building three more for my cucumbers, tomatoes and pole beans.

My mystery tree is in full bloom again this year. It was a Siberian Apricot when planted years ago but that died and the current tree came up from the roots so I suspect it is what ever the apricot was grafted on. I think it might be a plum but I'm not sure. It had lots of blooms last year but no fruit so I just placed a branch of peach and plum blossoms, from my neighbors trees, in a glass of water taped to the tree to see if cross pollination will give me a little fruit this summer.
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