Friday, May 14, 2010

Square foot garden behind rabbit fence.

A great day in the garden yesterday I spent the day moving from project to project.. Built another trellis and installed it in the square foot garden , I have two more to build but I'm glad to say they will not be going in the section of the garden that is behind the three foot rabbit fence. Not a lot of fun trying to get these things over the fence.

My plan had been to plant Cannellini Pole beans on this trellis but when I opened the packages of seeds that I had received from the Yahoo Heirloom Gardening group there were only five beans in the package and I question whether or not they are actually Cannellini beans they look too big to me, anyway not enough seed so I planted more Tall Telephone peas along with the five bean seeds.

In the afternoon I discovered that my grow bags had arrived at the Co-op garden center. My next door neighbor trucked them home for me. My tomato seedlings are still small but I decided to transplant some into the greenhouse. I have had three in a pop-up greenhouse out in the square foot garden for a week now and they are doing fine, so I'm sure there will be some benefit from getting them established early in the greenhouse. I also planted two Greenhouse Cucumber Seeds variety Carmen. These have to be direct seeded as they do not like to be transplanted. Very expensive seed $8.65 for five seed, but the yield off each plant is amazing all blossoms are female so every blossom produces a cucumber.

Grow Bags

I also planed three tubs of potatoes in straight compost from my composter. The potatoes are some that were left over the winter in the basement and have grown foot long sprouts, I'll be interested to see how they do in compost it sure looked dark and rich.

Potatoes in compost

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