Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day in the Square Foot Garden

It's Victoria day so it's a rule all Canadian Gardeners must work in the garden. What a day it has been we had a little fog early this morning but then it cleared and has been sunny and hot all day. I didn't get around to checking the temperature but it must have been close to 30 it is almost 25 right now at 8 PM.

I worked all day in the square foot gardens. I'm trying to get the last of the seedlings from the light garden transplanted so today I did tomatoes, chili peppers, ground cherries, parsley and some more lettuce. I also built and installed the last of the trellises this one for the cucumbers to grow on. I decided not to build one of the tomatoes I'm going to grow them on the steel spirals that I have used for years now. The heirloom varieties are all indeterminate and would grow tall on a trellis if I lived in a different climate. With our short season I will have to stop the top growth at 3 to 4 feet as soon as there are a couple of trusses of tomatoes, if I don't they will never ripen.

For my last project of the day I started transplanting the left over seedlings in large pots full of compost from my composter.
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