Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chianti, bred by David Austin, England 1967

I took some footage of this rose in this weeks update but I just had to show you this photo too, it is really putting on a show right now.

As you can see from the video things are progressing along quite nicely in the vegetable garden. I've had a meal of garlic scapes and I'm using my own lettuce regularly now, some time this week I will pick the first crop of French Breakfast Radish I ate one in the garden this week but they weren't full size yet. The weather has improved much warmer now and not so much rain in the past week we only had a half inch of rain, but the forecast calls for showers for the next couple of days so that should give everything a good watering.

I'm still very pleased with the results that I'm getting with compost tea and of course it has the added bonus of being completely organic.

I planted a Plum tree today and in the process dug up a nest of earwigs so I suppose they will be the next curse to hit the garden, my neighbor has made traps which he say work so maybe I should build some too. He filled a 2 inch piece of black plastic pipe with drinking straws, the earwigs hide in there you tap it on the ground and they come out so you can spray them with soap and water which kills the.

After I had taken the video and posted it one of the Blue Podded Peas bloomed. It is every bite as nice as a sweet pea it just doesn't have the nice fragrance.

Blue Podded Pea Blossom
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