Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010 Weekly Square Foot Garden and Compost Tea update

Most of the garden has had two compost tea applications, the first one was kind of lite because the ground was already very wet after a weeks worth of rain. But the past week was rain free except for a shower last night so the second application was a real watering. I'm seeing good results within a few days of first using it plants that had been kind of yellow and limp were standing at attention and getting greener. The tomatoes in the greenhouse still aren't as green as the ones in the garden but there is a big improvement and they have grown several inches this week. I think there are a couple of factors at work here just a few days before the rain started I gave all of the established plants a feeding of a slow release organic fertilizer then the rain would have leached a lot of that into the soil and from what I've been able to read on the internet the compost tea both feeds the plant and enables it to better use nutrients that are already in the soil. So I guess it was lucky that I put the fertilizer on when I did. I've seen real improvement in beets, fennel, chard, lettuce and tomatoes.

My Ground Cherries in the grow bag greenhouse are in bloom, first time I've grown these and I have never tasted one so I'm kind of excited.

Sand cherry blossoms in the grow bag greenhouse
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