Friday, May 27, 2011

Five days old today and some of the girls have names.

Everyone seems healthy and strong and growing every day, some have been named by friends on Flickr and YouTube in this photo we have Matilda named by an Australian friend and Ginger named by me. Matilda is the almost white bird and of course Ginger is the red head and Marianne named by a friend here in New Brunswick, she is standing in front of Matilda.

Five days old today

Martha named by a friend in Spain is front and centre in this photo. Anyone else with a name in mind ???

Most of the chicks are breeds selected by the hatchery so it will be fun watching them grow their feathers and trying to decide what breeds I have. Two breeds I selected so they are out of the game.

This little guy ( front and centre)is a Slikie just not sure what colour he/she might be when fully grown.

Five days old today

And I have three Mottled Cochins like this little chap.

Five days old today

If anyone recognizes a breed by the markings on the chick please leave a comment.

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